09/05/05: Kupu 1.3 released

Highlights are i18n support, a Sarissa upgrade, spell checking and Plone 2.1 support (and a lot of Plone-specific bug fixes!)

04/29/05: Kupu article on ONLamp

Robert Jones wrote a cool article on ONLamp today which explains how to install and set up the Kupu editor (

04/20/05: Kupu 1.2 released

After some delay version 1.2 of the Kupu rich-text editor has been released. This release contains a substantial number of new features, as well as numerous bugfixes.

01/05/05: Kupu 1.2b1 released

The Kupu team has just released version 1.2b1 of their cross-browser JavaScript WYSIWYG editor. This is a beta of the upcoming 1.2 feature release, which will hopefully be releases within a few weeks.