The following mailinglists are available:


IRC Channel

Kupu developers and those that are interested in Kupu are often available for questions on IRC, in the #kupu channel at

Source Code Repository

kupu’s source code is managed in a subversion repository at Codespeak. You can access the below URLs with a browser; in order to do a full checkout or to contribute, you need the subversion client.

  • Checkout a particular release:
    svn co
  • Checkout a major release branch:
    svn co
  • Checkout the current development version (trunk):
    svn co

Porting/integrating Kupu

kupu is designed to be portable to any Web CMS. If you want to integrate kupu into your favourite CMS, consider porting the trunk, not a particular release. That way, you will base your integration on a more recent version and we can include your port much easier in the main distribution (in case you would like us to do so; see Contributing). You will find the necessary documentation in the ‘doc’ directory.


Please read the CONTRIBUTING.txt file.